Trump administration planning on TWO Supreme Court vacancies??

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    As to the Supreme Court, the Republican have set the bar: delay, defer refuse to discuss. So 2018 may become a particularly important mid term election in that if the Democrats can win either house, the waiting game established by the Republicans this time, refusing for nearly 1/4 of Obama's term to even discuss a replacement, could be a tactic for 1/2 of four year Republican Presidency.
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    pk, take a look at the map for the 2018 Senate races. Dems are defending a whopping TEN seats in states carried by Trump whereas Republicans are defending only one (Heller, NV) in a Hillary state. The only other GOP seat where Dems have a chance is Flake in reliably red Arizona. The chances of the Dems taking back the Senate in 2018 are lottery-esque. Thanks to gerrymandering (which is wrong, but short of the most flagrant cases, not much can be done to stop it), the GOP hold on the House is pretty secure until at least 2022. Only the Senate confirms (or not, just ask Robert Bork) Supreme Court nominees. I'm not sure how you think the House comes into play here.

    If the Senate Dems refuse to allow Trump to fill Scalia's seat, that strategy might actually end up backfiring. If a 4-4 deadlock looks likely, the current SCOTUS might be reluctant to take on cases that they would otherwise accept. For cases that they do take, there is always the risk of a 4-4 split. Either/or, the federal court decision is established as legal precedent. Since Trump has more than 100 federal court vacancies to fill (twice as many as Obama in 2009), a lot of cases are likely to result in an outcome that Senate Dems, and the folks back home who elected them, aren't going to like.
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    Few people follow every endorsement by U.S. senators. Sen.Ted Cruz's endorsement of Trump was hardly a surprised. I feel bad for Sen. Cruz if he was only endorsing Trump to keep Clinton out of the White House. Although it is difficult to believe that Texas politics was not also a major factor in the endorsement. Although I disagree with Cruz on most every issues, I would have greatly preferred Cruz as the Republican nominee to Trump.

    Cruz is much smarter than Trump.
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    I doubt very much that Pres. Obama, or any other Democrat, would mention her bouts with cancer directly to Justice Ginsberg unless she bought the subject into the discussion herself. More important, Justice Ginsberg would have discussed the situation with her doctors before making such an important decision. I am 10 years younger than Ginsberg and had cancer myself, although much less recently than the Justice.
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    This is precisely why McConnell, Trump, and Republican leadership want to move quickly past cabinet position approvals, and why they're talking about a quick repeal of the ACA. It will be important for Trump and Republicans to have quick wins under their belts in the first two years to set the stage for midterm elections. If the Democrat minority can play the same obstructionist tactics Republicans enacted during Obama's second term Trump will be perceived as flailing and some states could swing. If Republicans can get some quick PR wins (start building the wall, kill the ACA) it's extremely likely that they'll maintain control. The trick with the ACA is repealing it and declaring it a huge win for the country, without creating blowback by disenfranchising voters who lose coverage or who return to becoming uninsurable.
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    Endorse - To approve openly <endorse an idea>; especially : to express support or approval of publicly and definitely <endorse a mayoral candidate>.

    So says Merriam-Webster. Most people would say a public statement of one's definite intention to vote for someone is "support".

    Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, though from different wings of the party, use the same weasel words to obfuscate their positions. The entire Republican Party, save for the few that explicitly refused to endorse, support or vote for (take your choice) Trump owns what is about to happen.
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    I am well aware of the majority of the senate seats up for grabs are Democratic seats in fact I had made a point of that in several prior posts dating to months in the past. If the kind of government we get over the next two years is what we have seen so far, that may not matter. The house will be a strecth but Obama lost significant ground in the midterms and there is certainly at least the possibility of this being a shit show, especially if there turns out to be Deeper trump throat involvement in the Russian hacking deal. So considering a lotteryesque president, why not a lotteryesque Senate? The House onlhy comes into play in terms of deal making, quid pro quo for the Supreme Court.
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    pitman, you are twisting the definition of "endorse" (in the specific political context) to encompass Ted Cruz's statement that "I'm voting for Trump because Hillary is satan incarnate" because you can't bear the awful truth: the only question liberals ever ask themselves is "how does this benefit ME?"

    Speaking of liberals' obsession over their own selfish benefit - f*ck everybody and everything else - I'm still wondering: did you vote for the rapist Bill Clinton in 1992? 1996? Were you all too willing to elect a rapist to be the most powerful person in America just because the rapist would benefit your political agenda?
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    Project. Deflect. Distract. (Do not) Rinse. Repeat. Some things never change.
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    [​IMG]c [​IMG]
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    Wonder if young people will ever fully understand "broken record" or ever see one :)
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    I find it funny that the laws remain on the books. Butt fucking is something all straight guys dream of doing. Just not with other guys (most of them).
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    I am in favor of every new law having a "sunset" provision. After a certain period of time, it is void. If it is a good law, the legislature can revive it or modify it and pass the new variation. Most likely, too much work for our underworked legislatures.
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    Yes there has already been at least one 4-4 situation. I understand that the lower courts may get the final word and it would depend on which of those lower courts heard the case as to the likely political result. Cherry picking from the more liberal courts cases to try and come up with a more conservative interpretation is a possibility while allowing more conservative lower court decisions to be made at the lower court level. The court is supposed to be apolitical, hopefully it can retain some of that.
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    Oh eight years of birther blather made that definition vividly clear, don't you agree?
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    Trump will appoint three members to the Supreme Court in his first term and if he serves a second term it may reach five!


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    The little smile face was meant to show the post was written to refer to physical "records" as the illustration showed and not "promises." I posted this as during my on-going "downsizing" move, I had my nephew's 8 1/2 year old son here, he was curious about the hundreds of records I had; I had to explain to him that to find a song, you had to physically count the rings and carefully drop the needle on the ring that matched the song's place on the record. The whole concept of a record and turntable was foreign to him.

    With his father's permission, I gave him some records. His father had a "record player" in his basement and brought it up so his son could play the records. The records I gave him were folk song records that I thought he would enjoy like Tom Lehr and included a privately published Oscar Brand record of X rated folk songs. Sample:
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    At his news conference, the President-elect said he has already met with a few of the candidates for the vacancy and he will be announcing his nominee within 2 weeks of his inauguration. I can't wait. It will be awesome. Maybe he'll pick some conservative kid right out of law school who would serve on the court for 60 years.

    America Will Be Great Again
    8 days to go

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