TRUMP RALLY: Dow, Nasdaq, Russell, S&P hit all time Highs

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  1. Samsung doesn't enjoy as ridiculous a rate of return as Apple and isn't sitting on the same kind of huge profit as Apple.

    Also, Samsung doesn't try to avoid US taxation like Apple even though it's based elsewhere.
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    Apple like Samsung pays all the taxes in the countries where the profits are earned. Both pay US taxes on the profits earned in the US. The problem is that the US is the only major industrialized country that wants the company to pay taxes for a second time when the foreign profits are sent home. Samsung can send its foreign profits home and not pay taxes a second time; if Apple sends foreign profits home, it is taxed a second time. the US tax system needs to be brought into conformity with the rest of the major industrialized nations to give US companies a level playing field.
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  3. That double taxation never seemed odd to me. (I also don't know the extent to which tax treaties apply to business taxes.). But if indeed the US is the only country that taxes its businesses on worldwide income and assets without a credit for foreign taxes, that is kinda crazy and anti-competitive. I'd rather see that fixed, though at what cost, than more corporate offshore shenanigans.
  4. That is rich, Bozo. Really rich.

    Confronted with a set of facts that show that the rich have done way better in the Obama (and Clinton) years than anybody else - because of the booming stock market - your response is to piss all over facts. How very ............. Trump! My guess is that just like "google" became a verb, and the meaning of "gay" changed, it may be that years from now to "trump' something or someone will mean "to engage in a studied dismissal of facts."

    But speaking of the rich, this is going to be a very interesting show, even if it is a repeat.

    It doesn't surprise me that the stock market and Wall Street likes Trump. Why wouldn't you like someone who runs for office saying that the problem is that 20 million poor people get subsidized health care, and the solution is to cut millions and millions of dollars in taxes for the world's wealthiest corporations and billionaires?

    It will of course work best for Trump if people focus on emotion and ignore facts. And if you buy the argument that the motivation of people who voted for Trump is they are horrible racists, and horrible sexists, and they can't think for themselves and they only have crude, horrible feelings, well ...... you go with that.

    My assumption is that people in the states that handed the Presidency to Trump who are hurting are in fact quite aware of the facts of their lives, and any "facts" about how much home values or wages or rents are rising in Silicon Valley means nothing to people who live in Pennsyltucky and are hurting. Trump promised them the moon. Even if he delivers everything Reagan did, which is very unlikely, the "fact" is - forgive me for using that nasty word - that all the problems associated in this election with Hillary Clinton (like NAFTA and globalization) actually started well before that, and all of them were endorsed by Reagan, who favored corporations and the rich. So yeah, the stock market may do well. Will it trickle down? Don't count on that.

    Maybe Donald Trump will surprise everybody, and turn out to be FDR in disguise. Maybe the Republican Party will suddenly become the party not of the Chamber of Commerce, and the rich or of culturally conservative church goers, but of the left-of-center working class. Maybe in 4 years Pennsyltucky will be full of factories and middle class jobs, and there will be no deficits and too many good paying jobs.

    Somehow, I doubt this is what will happen. It will be ironic if Trump's downfall is that the facts finally caught up with him.

    Wasn't it Reagan who said "facts are stubborn things?" ;)

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    In my experience Lies tend to grow and the Truth tends to remain the same. I'm quietly waiting to see what happens.

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    Is that de Tocqueville guy an analyst on one of the liberal media?
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    and the conservative media.
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Sorry Steven, but Mr. Trump WILL NOT end up being a left-winger in the mold of FDR. That ain't happening. But, as Bozo has repeated ad nauseum. The President-elect will be the same person we saw on the campaign, very much in the Michael Bloomberg mold. He will govern as a populist, with a moderate-to-conservative bent, an America-first trade policy, and not be overly concerned about social issues. He is a successful and pragmatic businessman, and his priority will be: jobs, jobs, jobs.

    So Steven, if you won't be a cheerleader, then step aside, because the Trump steamroller will be coming to a street near you. Mr. Trump WILL make America again. You, other forum members, and every American will benefit.

    Now, more importantly, how do u look in a tuxedo? Bozo will be escorting Diamond and Silk to the Trump Inaugural Ball and we need a fourth. Yeah, Bozo will have his hands full with Diamond. Is Silk too much woman for you to handle? Please advise.

    America Will Be Great Again
    53 days to go

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    Yes on reveling in it and the other regretting it.
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    However Trump wants to govern, he still has to deal with a Republican Congress with rather different ideas. The notion that the President controls the government, much less the economy, is an illusion that has brought us other candidates with bright promises who have failed to realize that only a dictator can get whatever he says he wants. Trump is such a "pragmatic businessman" that he has frequently declared bankruptcy and abandoned his projects if they don't work out easily. I would not be surprised when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell put up roadblocks that make Trump quickly lose interest in populist jobs programs and abandoning negotiated trade deals, and he turns to shinier toys to play with.
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  11. We agree Bozo. Donald Trump is no FDR. I also applaud you for having the courage of your convictions in saying all year that Hillary Clinton is no FDR. You were right. Technically, since I insist on detail and nuance, I will add this. She is like FDR in that she conveys a certain type of political calculation and deceitfulness, but she is unlike him in terms of his brilliant political skill, fireside chatting, and raw charisma. We just learned that BIG TIME. And may I add that she is also unlike FDR in this regard: people had the decency to not make fun of the fact that HE was confined to a wheelchair, but they were happy to deride the fact that SHE is an aging woman. Tacky. It's as bad as people making fun of your luxurious hair or refined shoes.

    Now, about those jobs, jobs, jobs. I hope you are right. An FDR (or an Obama) would call for a massive public works program to build roads or bridges or Coit Tower or clean up parks or create public art. Trump (and McConnell and Ryan) won't do that. They may be able to create all the jobs we need by building pipelines and digging coal, which will infuriate many other people - including, oddly, people who live near where the pipeline will be built and don't want it in their backyard. That is now Trump's problem. And as you know, he is successful, and resourceful. So let's see.

    History does not suggest this will work out well for Trump. And with all due respect to Kenny, sorry, I am going to put up a chart:


    Now, there's a couple things that need to be said about this. First, if people voted based on facts and complex truths rather than emotions and simple slogans that border on lies, we'd have Madame President today.

    Second, Hillary really is no FDR. Manufacturing jobs actually had a brief revival during her husband's Presidency. That may not have been true in Detroit, and it may make no difference today, but it was never fair or factual to put that albatross around her neck. I blame her for letting Trump do it. It was complete, total political malpractice.

    Third, maybe Trump will be unlike other Republicans, and change this trend. But for the reasons Charlie aptly articulated, I highly doubt it. The facts suggest that if you want to lose manufacturing jobs, jobs, jobs, vote Republican. But that's the past. Tomorrow is a new day. We'll see.

    Not to be a party pooper, Bozo, but I am an aging White Man whose best days are behind me. I add nothing to the sea of aging White Men who will be joining you for the well deserved festivities. May I instead offer a younger, more handsome, and more cutting edge escort, who I will gladly hire to accompany the Divine Miss Silk? I am a loyal Democrat, and even in bad times, like you, I do dance with the ones who are on my team. You have every reason to want to celebrate. With all due respect to Ben Carson, I think my suggestion would add a variety to your team that it does not otherwise appear to have much of. Please advise.

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  12. Yeah, you're right. Bloomberg seems to know something about business.

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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Total US stock market added $98,400,000,000 in value today and $1,600,000,000,000 since Trump's election -hope you got a piece of the action


    Bozo hopes all his friends here on the P & R forum got their piece of the trillion + bucks.
    Please send your thank you cards to:

    Donald J. Trump, President-elect
    c/o Trump Tower
    721 5th Avenue - Penthouse
    New York, NY 10022

    This is only the beginning. Mr. Trump will make America Rich again. He will make us Safe again. He will make us GREAT again.

    IS the start of something Big !!!!

    America Will Be Great Again
    30 days to go


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    My piece is YUGE! :);):cool::p:D

    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Consumer Sentiment in U.S. at 12-Year High After Trump Win

    Bozo sees it in the stores and mall parking lots. He sees it on the faces of the little kids he performs for, and their parents. He sees people spending more on Christmas decorations. The American people are happy again. The dark Obama years are coming to an end.


    Next stop, the White House!
    CHOO CHOO !!!!

    America Will Be Great Again
    28 days to go

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    That picture still makes me one of those "I remember exactly where I was..." moments, I happened to be watching live
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    Same here. I was active duty, working in a print shop at Washington Navy Yard when it was announced. Absolutely. Everyone. Stopped. Stunned.

    I still catch my breath.
  20. Marlene McBride to perform in inauguration.