Trump’s Dept of Health and Human Services Removes LGBT Seniors From Annual Survey

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    Do I not recall that concerns over Trump & Co. having an anti-LGBT agenda were alarmist cries from liberals playing the victim card? "Sore losers"??

    Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders (SAGE) announced today that it is launching a nationwide effort to oppose the Trump Administration’s proposed erasure of LGBT elders from the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants (NSOAAP). Specifically, SAGE opposes changes that would eliminate questions that allow the federal government to assess the extent to which LGBT older adults are receiving federally funded elder services. According to a March 13 notice in the Federal Register, those questions (which have been included in the Survey since 2014) are proposed for elimination in the 2017 Survey. This is the only change the Trump Administration proposes to the Survey.

    Community advocates have made inclusion of LGBT people in government surveys a top priority as a way of ensuring that they are counted and that those in need receive their fair share of taxpayer-funded services. This is especially true for the more than 3 million LGBT older Americans, who often confront severe challenges, including intense social isolation. LGBT elders are twice as likely to live alone, twice as likely to be single, and 3-4 times less likely to have children to help care for them in their later years; many are estranged from their families of origin as a result of historical bias. LGBT elders, who suffer from the accumulated results of a lifetime of discrimination, are more likely to live in poverty than older Americans in general, and more likely to struggle with serious health conditions.
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    This will likely not get much love around here but it's another erasure of what we have overcome and triumphed over.

    It’s a very bad sign because to strip our LGBT seniors out of the survey suggests that the federal government believes that the needs of our elder population does not matter and it's directly related to the funding of LGBT elder centers which we have have established for our own, and for those more traditional offering of these vital services to our people.
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    yeah, there's a lot of denial and self-hate going on these days...
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    There's more shiny objects being deployed by our nations current administration to distract us from what's important than Carl Sagan could've ever imagined to be above us in the heavens. It's beginning to feel as though the revolutions won of the past are before us once again. I hope that our LGBT youth, and everyone else for that matter, is as worthy of this fight as we were once before them.