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    In Montreal, if you spot a dancer who interests you, you can ask the waiter to send him over -- especially useful with twinks who prefer hanging out with their dancer buddies. This is also good when your prospect is occupied with another client. In those cases, you may be just the excuse he is looking for to extricate himself from an unproductive situation.
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    Don't try to overthink this. Just go with the flow and have a good time.
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    Personally, I don't have a problem approaching some one I want a lap dance with. I guess the older I get the less inhibited I become. But that only works when that dancer isn't tied up, AND you aren't stuck dealing with someone who doesn't seem to take a hint very well. Perhaps I need to be more forceful in that area. I just am worried about hurting someones feelings.
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    These examples may reduce your concern about saying "no" as rude:

    On a slow Sunday evening at Le B a dancer who I was not interested in at all parked himself next to me and tried to engage me in conversation while touching my shoulders, etc. He was monopolizing my time when I was trying to make eye contact with another dancer. I finally told him I'm just not interested and he said fine and left.
    Well two nights later I return and this same dancer comes up to me and says "is this your first time here?" I told him right away I'm not interested.
    Actually nearly the exact same scenario happened to me again with another dancer.
    Bottom line these guys go to everyone trying to score a lap dance. They won't even remember you probably. So do yourself and them a favor and tell them no thanks.
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    Yeah, I'm for bluntness. I tell the ones that I don't like "you're time is better spent on someone else" and walk right up to this ones I want and say I'd like several dances in a row.
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    Lots of great advice and different approaches...I prefer being polite and saying no thanks...usually works for me...even with some of the pushy guys.
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    I agree.
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    Too funny!
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    Bothered or assaulted?
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    It's been established that we disagree on the terminology. If you feel assaulted, you should call the police. ;)
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    I've found that "Maybe later" generally works for me, it gets the point across without being rude for no reason. If they sit and chat you up, just don't be responsive. They don't want to work hard for what they know will not be a reward.
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