TV and Movie Theme Songs Of Our Youth

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  1. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    The first Grace Kelly scene in "Rear Window" in which she arrives to visit him, waking him up. Zowee!
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  2. Moondance

    Moondance Duke

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  3. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

  4. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    Only just saw what you did there. ;)
  5. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    After some seasons they re-recorded it to enunciate that part more clearly.

    Sounded strained by comparison.
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  6. Larstrup

    Larstrup Count

    What did I do there?
  7. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    It only ran for three seasons.

    I was crushed when they canceled it.
  8. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Count

    I recently watched the pilot and a few early episodes on Hulu
  9. Larstrup

    Larstrup Count

    You're making me crawl through a thread which was started in January. I hope my efforts help me understand this. I don't get on my knees for just anyone by the way. :rolleyes: Especially when I'm on a phone!
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  10. Larstrup

    Larstrup Count

    OK so since this has been brought up here's a little personal history of Me. When I was 12 I lived in California and we had a boat. The people next to our slip were the Mummy's. I used to play with Billy in our dinghy while our boats were in the marina. I had no idea at the time of Who he was really, aside from what I was told, but he was really hot as I recall for being relatively the same age and we had a lot of fun together. Our interactions lasted only about four or five times. And no there was no sex or anything even close to that. And I never saw him after that summer.
  11. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    Point is only that clip of 'Season 4' was some longtime fan's homage to What Might Have Been, had it not been canceled by the network.

    Enormously grateful for your memoire about Billy.

    Although your implicit confession of not knowing that show is...words fail me! :D

    Certified Irwin Allen nut here.

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  12. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Count

    Been watching that on Hulu too!!
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  13. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    Set image from Time Tunnel pilot.


    Then the production version... :rolleyes:


    Because they could get that obsolescent computer junk cheap to use as props.

    Obvious original concept source in Forbidden Planet.

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  14. Larstrup

    Larstrup Count

    Fine! He was my summer of 42! Happy now? Even though it was more like my summer of, I have no idea now, probably '62? He broke my young, innocent heart. Just like how he crushed yours later in life. I too was sucked into his time tunnel. I hate everything about this thread now.

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  15. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    I love you beyond saying!
  16. Gvtire

    Gvtire Journeyman

  17. BabyBoomer

    BabyBoomer Earl

    My favorite "Cover Girl".

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  18. Fame and Xanadu
  19. LADoug1

    LADoug1 Count

    The Partridge Family

    David Cassidy. OMG
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  20. pitman

    pitman Viscount

    The Third Man

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