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    Ok kids, it's time for another trip to Vegas.

    Finished my homework on RM and looking up postings here!

    Just as a friendly reminder....I'm a top...who likes to FUCK.

    The "short" list: Big and beefy. If I can just get passed the copious back hair! My search came up empty on this one. Only found a 411...that got no real reply. From CA, will be in town. No face pic, no previous info I could find. PLEASE tell me this one is real!!!! This man clearly loves his ass, and I love him for it! Again, no real intel. Previous 411 turned up nothing. Again, previous 411 turned up nothing Looks like his ad might be for massage only....hoping I'm wrong! He's got enough reviews and 411's. Seems reliable and FUN! I've met him before and we've had a lot of fun together. Just keeping the "list" complete!
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    I've met Mario Muscle. Fun guy. Gets very into the session. I gave him his first review on Daddy's.

    I seem to recall ROMIO, who went by another name when he started out, got a bit of negative press on the forum. I could be remembering that wrong.

    LatinEscort has two reviews on Daddy's. One positive and the other semi-positive.

    I don't know if he's your type, but have you looked into Draven Navarro. He has a very positive review on Daddy's by @Funcompany. I haven't met him. However, he seemed nice and super eager in our communications.

    And then there is this guy, who I have no info on... but lists as a #musclebottom.

    Anyway, I hope you find a good one to suit your needs. :D
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    Thanks for all the info. Right now it looks like I'm going to try and set something up with Mario Muscle and LucasTalloneXXX...then take ones for the team from there....wish me luck!
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    if you love to fuck than draven navarro is hands down your guy. this man has an unreal muscular,vascular body with a huge muscle ass that loves it as hard and as big as you can give it! he moans and screams like a bitch when getting fucked, begs for it harder and deeper and can go and go! the most amazing bottom i think i have ever been with! and toys!!??? he will bring them with him and i rammed him with the most enormous big black dildo you can think of and he screamed for me to not stop! all the while his hole is among the tightest i have been with and he can flex his sphincter muscle that will almost crush your cock! not to be missed if you are a tops top!!
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