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Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Jose Anmo, Oct 12, 2017.

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    First red flag... His Aug 18 review is a word for word, punctuation point for punctuation point rip off of an April 19 review of Alex in NYC, which is an exact rip of Juan in Pasadena.

    Second red flag... google his phone number and you get a glimpse of now defunct Viktor on Masseurfinder that is cached, so you can't click through.
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    I've seen him - great body and face but crappy massage and "finish yourself" off. pass.
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    “Finish yourself off”

    What EXACTLY do you think you’re being paid $180/hour for....?
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    Very helpful. Thanks again to this forum and its contributors!
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    Yeah I'm not going to pay a guy $180 (or any lesser amount) so that he can watch me take care of myself. No thanks.
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