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    A brief report. I made a visit yesterday and had a very good time. It is in the same apartment near Earl's Court as it has always been. The place is clean and attractive. Good choice of lads, with helpful and accurate commentary by the manager. I chose
    Luke from Denmark and was very glad I did. A very happy hour. £90 for the hour.

    Their website is beyond awful, and seems designed to ditrct one away from their actual business. Curious, but perhaps it also deflects unwelcome attention.
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    I will be in London this weekend.

    I looked at the Villa Gianni site

    I found someone that looked interesting. I sent an e-mail message. I got back a response that the site is only a website for escorts to advertise. I would contract solely with the escort. There is no in call except at the facility of the escort. Out calls are at the client's facility.

    Can you let me know how to contract with someone at the agency so as to give more security? The response I got is not comfortable in that the ads could be just like most of the ads we see on rentboy, rentmen etc, i.e., the ads are bogus.

    Any reply is appreciated.
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    I don't know anthing about the escorts. You just show up at the apt., make your choice, spend your hour together, pay and leave. Hopefully with a smile.
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    You are correct. The facility is divided into two sections. One section advertises on behalf of escorts and charges the escort for advertising on its site. The escorts pay to advertise on the site similar to escorts that advertise on rentboy, rentmen, etc.

    The other section of the company actually has escorts on premises. The web site does not explain a lot. It requires a phone call to the facility or information from a third party to learn how the operation runs.

    I was lucky to reach the owner on the telephone who told me that the best time to go to the facility is around three in the afternoon. He also said that the facility is open seven days a week and that if there is no escort at the facility that interests you when you arrive, you can come back another time. No charge to look. He was a friendly and welcoming guy. I think I will give it a try.

    Big thanks to the OP for posting his experiences at this interesting company.
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    One of my very regular clients from London is a frequent visitor, we always discuss this place during his few hours with me. He loves it. He has told me in the past that it opens about 1pm but there can be very few guys there. Best times for him are around 4pm

    Yesterday he told me it was 50% Braziliian guys and 50% Eastern European and that the mix at the moment didn't speak much English. He will only see guys that have at least a basic grasp of the language and the manager always recommends someone who can speak English. He has had problems with lovely gentlemen who had no grasp of what he wanted from the appointment and they fumbled their way through.

    None of this is my opinion, just stuff we chat about when I ask what he's been up to in the last month, since his previous visit to me in Newcastle.
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    That mix sounds okay to me. Considering that I spend so much time in Brazil and my 120th trip to Brazil is coming up next month, I should have no problem communicating with the Brazilian escorts.

    Thanks for your post and thanks, again, to the originator of this thread.

    This forum can be a source of a lot of good information.
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    Please let us know, Imrthr, how your visit was.
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    I will write a report about my experience (s) and I will offer my opinion about the place.

    I don't arrive in London until the weekend; arriving in the afternoon Saturday. Depending on how much sleep I get on the overnight flight, I plan to visit the facility on my first afternoon.

    After reading reports on this thread and especially after speaking with the owner on the telephone, I expect to have a good time.

    By the way, I did additional searching on Google maps and did additional internet searches for the facility. The result of the searches discloses nothing except favorable things about the facility.

    I'll be back.
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    I visited there a few years ago when I was in London. I had a very good time, and most of the guys there spoke enough English for us to communicate our mutual desires. At that time all the guys were attractive to me and I had a hard time picking just one. On the second time I visited, I engaged two guys at the same time and it was an incredible experience. I liked that the place was very clean, and well kept and the manager seemed to know his guys very well and was responsive to my questions and suggestions. I will be very surprised if you don't have a great time. Let us know !!!
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    I join the chorus of praise. I always had a great time when I visited. The place is clean, the staff is friendly, and there is a good selection of boys. Easy fun!
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    I really rate this place - the host is always very pleasant ant the stable of guys usually very good.
    I've picked the following over the past months - Bruno/Brazilian . Fernando/Portuguese . Rory/Irish

    Didn't see Luke or maybe he was with clients while I was there - the place always seems to be busy - had to wait for a room last time

    Always thought looking through at the guys with another client would be hot - discussing the guys etc
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    Villa Gianni is located at #32 Nevern Place, four short blocks from the Earl's Court underground station. It is so easy to find the place. Simply walk out of the underground station, make a left turn, then walk two blocks then turn left on Nevern place, then walk to # 32.

    After arriving at the facility, you ring a bell at the red painted door that has a 32 on it. The place is in the lower basement of the building.

    I was greeted by a very friendly fairly young good-looking manager on duty. The manager explained how the system works, i.e., what is involved in contracting with a rent boy at that facility.

    The manager guided me down a hall way to a room that has a one way glass that allows a viewer to see the rent boys but the rent boys cannot see the viewer.

    Each guy stands in front of the glass window and demonstrates and shows off what he has to offer to entice you to choose him. The manager told me what each guy likes to do.

    If you like what you see, you advise the manager.

    The price for one hour is 90 pounds, Sterling, payable after the event concludes. That price is incredibly cheap especially for London, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

    Considering the low, to nearly non existent risk to clients (not being scammed by fakes and bogus ads), this facility is awesome. If the escort is more than satisfying, a handsome tip to the escort is definitely in order after the session, even though the escort does not ask for a tip.

    I'll be returning tomorrow and will report back with any changes, if there are any to report.

    One more thing, the only guys there today were Brazilians. Considering that I like Brazil so much, I was quite pleased.

    The manager said that tomorrow should bring out more guys of varied origin. He said that Sundays are usually not good days as far as variety of guys goes.

    The only thing I do not like about the operation is the fact the rent boys must go through suggestive actions and sort of put on a show to entice clients to choose them. I think it is a little degrading to the rent boy to have to go to a glass window and show off his wares while not communicating directly with a client.

    Another good thing about an operation like this is we do not have to contend with fake ads and bogus/stolen photos or escorts demanding money upfront then not performing.

    What a splendid operation this is.
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    "What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours"

    Yesterday (Sunday) I wrote a glowing report about Villa Gianni.

    In my report I stated that the manager of the facility was very friendly and that he told me Sundays are usually not good days at Villa Gianni as far as variety of guys goes.

    The manager also said that Monday should bring out more guys of varied country origins and types.

    Despite the lack of variety last night, I enjoyed the choices that were there (Brazilians).

    I returned to the facility this afternoon and I was extremely disappointed.

    There was a different manager on duty and he was not friendly like the manager of last night.

    Unlike last night, today there was quite a variety of working guys. However, the variety was not what I expected.

    Instead of masculine and handsome available rent boys, there were many super young skinny effeminate and bleached-blond twinks.

    These twinks were waving their arms and making motions at the window as though they thought their signals would help their being selected by a prospective client, even though they could not see clients through the one-way glass. If anything, their behavior was a turn off rather than a sales technique.

    I realize that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and that we all like different types. However, the place advertises rent boys, not rent twinks or flamboyant rent queens.

    It was obvious from the comments made to me by the manager on duty that he favors feminine twinks. One of the twinks was behaving like a girl while parading around in the display room.

    After I asked the manager if there were more masculine guys available, he abruptly said to me, "perhaps you should come back later after six o'clock when there will be a different group of rent boys available." He then promptly ushered me to the exit door with instructions for me to return after six.

    I decided not to go back to the facility at six, as suggested. The same manager would be working if I returned and I was already put off by his hard sell of twinks. Instead, I got involved doing other things.

    I view my disappointing experience today as a reminder that what one person may regard as desirable (twinks), another person may regard as undesirable. This is not to imply that twinks are not good people. I merely do not find them interesting as sex partners and I do not like attempts to force them on me, through hard sell.

    We are all different and we each have likes and dislikes (thank goodness),

    Despite my disappointment today with my experience at Villa Gianni, i still heartily recommend the facility and I plan to return at sometime in the future, only not on my current trip.

    My only caution for those considering a visit to Villa Gianni is to keep in mind that the variety and quality of rent boys can markedly change from one day to the next, as it did today at Villa Gianni.

    If I were assigning a letter grade to Villa Gianni, solely based on my two visits there, I would assign as follows:

    Yesterday A+

    Today D-
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    Aww that's disappointing However don't let that bad experience out you off. I am sure there a different mix today, compared to yesterday. Let's hope your next visit is successful
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    I find the same experience on different days - the host on the door I most value is I think Luca (french/morrocan) I think.
    There used to be an Irish tranny type there too but I think he has departed.

    There does seem to be mostly latins on offer these days - 2/3 years ago there were a mix of bigger older eastern european / russian types which were much more my liking if I am paying.

    Does anyone know if there are any other similar houses operating in London?
    Arab / Turkish / Israeli studs would be great to see!
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    I went at 4:20 PM on June 28, 2015.

    I was met at the door by the manager who escorted me to the one-way mirror. There were four guys. Three pulled up their shirts to reveal their torsos. He explained that usually there are 5 to 7 guys. There were fewer because Gay Pride was taking place. He said that I could return later if I was dissatisfied. The cost was 90 pounds for an hour. He does not accept credit.

    I spent a satisfying hour with Joao, a man from Brazil. I was given orange juice while waiting for Joao. We were is a room adjacent to the room with the two-way mirror. I brought condoms and lubricants. I did not see any in the room. Afterwards, Joao replaced our sheet with a clean sheet. I saw that the underlying pillow and mattress were torn. Joao asked me if I wanted a warm towel. I tipped Joao as we parted.

    Afterwards, I was asked if I wanted another drink. I asked for coffee. I was given a cup of coffee in the waiting room near the front door. I saw that led to another bedroom with a shower. Finally I paid in cash before I left.

    Another attractive Brazilian entered as I departed. There will be future rewarding episodes there.
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    I last visited 10th June and saw a very pretty Hungarian lad called PETER - it was his beautiful torso and legs that attracted me to him in the line up.
    He gave a good massage as well as relief. Very attractive smile and good kisser.
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    It has been a couple of years since I visited, but had a good experience twice and a spectacular experience once on my last trip there. As has been said, there is a wide variety of guys/boys at various times and various days. My spectacular experience involved two guys, one from Brazil and one from Eastern Europe. I do recall the first time I went there, I was a bit nervous and unsure of the set up, but I was fortunate to have a great manager my first time and had a great experience that first time which was at least ten or fifteen years ago. It is a regular stop for me when I get to London.
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    I've been there a couple of times this summer - some very nice euro and Irish guys there at the moment rather than just latin.
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    Good to hear. I wish London were on my screen for travel soon!
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