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  1. iveryhotijake

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    Does anyone know if they accept credit card or cash only?
  2. It's call marketing, baby. A lot of people lie about their ages, in every website and everywhere else.
  3. tsgarp

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    For your own protection, please pay with cash.
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  4. KenJohn

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    If you ask about card payments, they will give you directions to the nearest cash point. There are several within a 5 min walk on the Earls Court Road.

    You go on your own if you mention this before the appointment. The boys walks with you to the cash point if you mention this after the appointment,
  5. Mr.AsiaNZ

    Mr.AsiaNZ Novice

    What are the going rates at VG?
  6. Erid

    Erid Journeyman

    £90 an hour
  7. Mr.AsiaNZ

    Mr.AsiaNZ Novice

    Cheers for the info :)
  8. happyguy2

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    All I can add to the excellent information already provided is this. For a time, I went there regularly. Met many really fine guys. Remember that the management guy who meets you can really help. Don't be shy, tell him exactly what you are hoping for. Sometimes, if no one is there who fits your requirements, the guy can often contact someone who does. More than once, that happened to me and they guy showed up within less than half an hour. While I waited, they offered me a drink and we had a great conversation.
    Oh yes, NEVER use a credit card anywhere in these types of institutions.
  9. zack32650

    zack32650 Newbie

    What time would be a good time to go to this place? is it open in the evenings?
  10. Erid

    Erid Journeyman

    11am to 11pm
  11. joethomas

    joethomas Knight

    From recent experience its 1pm - 11pm
    However I've called in at 1.20pm and only 1 guy was there.

    Always better 3pm - 6pm then after 8pm for the second shift.

    Usually visit once or twice a month - great place
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  12. blackxs

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    what are the prices? any sites I can visit to catch photos of the guys?
  13. Erid

    Erid Journeyman

    £90 an hour. You must visit in person to see the guys as the lineup changes daily.
  14. joethomas

    joethomas Knight

    There used to be a website with gallery - however as the line up changes constantly you woudl always be generally disappointed as most weren't ever there.
    The excitement for me is seeing who is there - sometimes none tick the box so I leave - or you can wait in the lounge to see the other guys when they have finished with their client.
  15. liubit

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    I agree with @joethomas: the website was a mess, and unreliable at best. Just like in a buffet, you have to make your selection in situ o_O
  16. klaus8

    klaus8 Newbie

    Is the Villa still open as of October 2016? I tried to phone them but the phone number I got was an invalid number!!
  17. Erid

    Erid Journeyman

    I've never called them so I cannot verify. But it was open as of May 2016. You should just show up and check.
  18. klaus8

    klaus8 Newbie

    Thanks Erid, have since found their new phone number - 0207 244 9901 - and they now open from 1 pm every day.
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  19. klaus8

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    Went yesterday about 3.30. Three guys "on duty", manager quite friendly and I chose Jason (although the manager said his name was Tommy) who is English. Really good time with him. Most impressed with the room - large bed, clean and much bigger than the tiny rooms you get in a sauna. You pay the boy the 90 pounds, so that seems a departure from other comments here. Can well recommend it.
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  20. jjperry

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    I, too, can confirm that they’re open from 1pm. I’m going down there in the new year for an interview.
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