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    I went there in mid November and had quite a good time. There were 4 boys only two of whom I cared for. One was Brazilian and the other Mexican. As I was about to leave for Brazil, I chose the Mexican. He was very nice and definitely well equipped for the job. We had a fun time; not great but quite enjoyable. I'd had experiences there were the boys really did not want to perform the services, but this was far from the case on my recent visit.
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    Why would some of the boys there not really be willing to perform services? I’d be happy to perform services there :)
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    Bumping this thread - any recent experiences? Same old story? Thank you.
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    It's unique in the UK.
    PM for more details (davis)
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    Excellent place went twice. July and February.
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    Let me elaborate. There are a lot of Villa G postings here and I find them to be accurate. You can always phone ahead to reserve your favorite guy and/or a room. You can always ask how many guys are there right now. I find that by phoning ahead I saved myself a hour wait because they did not open that day till 2PM. When I stopped by in February 15th a WED 15 min after they opened there were 5 guys. 4 just so so, and one stunner Alberto! Totally lucked out. I was on a 10 hour layover at Heathrow so I requested a shower room, I believe they have 2, and I requested an extra 5 min to clean up. In July the same thing, In the afternoon, 4ish on a weekday, 6 guys, 2 were very nice. It is fine to look and not buy. They will tell you when your type arrives. They will also call your favorite guy so he will be there when you arrive. The customer service is awesome. ( I have dealt with both managers and they are both great.) Just remember the golden rule with escorts and their assistants. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT! Escorts are not mind readers. I still use Sleepyboy in London, but I find Villa G has it place.
  7. Villa G. That place brings back great memories: I cut my teeth there when I was just starting off. Spent a week working there, on and off.

    I'd agree with those who have said it can be hit or miss. The escorts are basically contractors who also pay rent to the house, so you never know who's going to show up. Feast or famine for sure, but you do have the added bonus of personally seeing what you're paying for.
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    For those who are curious, here are some basic facts you may need:
    Current hours: 1pm - 11pm, 7 days a week
    Telephone: 020 7244 9901
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    Very new to this, anyone can tell me how to get to this place.
    Thanks xxx
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    Don't worry about being a newbie, we were all newbies once. But you have to be prepared to use your initiative.

    Is there a reason why you cannot call the phone number, given 2 posts earlier, to get the info you need? Have you read all the other threads that mention Villa Gianni using the Search function here (top of the page, RHS) ?
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    Very easy 5 min walk from Earls Court tube station. Use google maps. Takes you right there. red basement door.
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  12. It's like going to an Elizabeth Arden Spa... Just with a lot more cock.
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    anyone know if they have a new website?
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    I doubt it. It never had photos. Just had their address and a few basic details which are all mentioned on here. So no point in expensive or unnecessary websites I imagine they think.
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    If you are dialing for outside the UK are you adding the international code and dropping the first 0.
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    I lived in London for a few years and use to go there weekly. I am relatively young and not your typical client. I specifically get off on the thrill of paying for sex, control and the ability to get the hottest guy with out having to try to impress.

    As per Villa Gianni most of the reviews/comments here seem to be accurate. No need to call first you can just show up and look behind the glass door to see who is available. They get new guys regularly (I like to see a different guy every time). I am active and the host would point out who could be versatile/passive. I would pick out a few guys to talk to first to make sure they didn't have an issue being passive and were okay with my domination/verbal abuse fetishes.

    I have hired many escorts privately and for me Villa Gianni was always my favorite because there were no surprises on how hot a guy is or isn't and I felt like they tended to be more accommodating because the host would explain I was a regular customer. If you go there on peak hours like Fridays after work do expect to wait as they get very busy. There were times I waited for unto 2 hour for a room and boys of my choice to become available. The disadvantage of going during peak hours is the really hot boys always get taken first so you might get boys that have already been with 3 or 4 clients and you are the 4th or 5th. This didn't really bother me as long as they were clean and accommodating which 9 out of 10 times they are as they are all very professional. Sometimes, I would pick 2 guys at a time and fuck them both and have them fuck each other. This was lots of fun.

    I will end this post with one big draw-back this place can be really addictive and depending on your personal situation can be unfulfilling and financially training. I would imagine like any activity that is prone to getting one addicted (gambling for example) watch out and be cautious.
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