Visiting NYC, December 18th - 22nd

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  1. Hello, loves. Back in the game, and in town on business!
    Outcall only—staying in Brooklyn, but will travel anywhere within the city to meet you.
    For additional information and pictures, drop me a line privately.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  2. Tarte Gogo

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    Glad to see you back!
    I got worried a bit to see you disappear!
  3. Thanks love. I was assaulted by a client this summer and decided to disappear for a while. I’m back in a limited capacity: not advertising on any websites, sticking mostly with old clients.
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    Do you ever travel ?
  5. Hi love, sorry I'm getting to this so late! Despite getting my yearly flu shot, the flu got me good. :(

    I'm Baltimore-based at the moment, but travel up to NYC often for work. I usually can't afford to travel elsewhere unless my job takes me there, but I'm open to it. How far were you thinking?
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    Yikes! I hope all goes well now that you've returned from your hiatus. Stay well, Phoenix.
  7. Thanks hon! Bit of a rough patch, but I'm back on my feet. :)
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  8. New availability!

    Monday 12/18: Daytime (anytime between noon and five)
    Tuesday 12/19: Morning (anytime before 2PM)
    Wednesday 12/20: Anytime!
    Thursday 12/21: Anytime!
    Friday 12/22: Most of the day (anytime after noon, and before 11PM)