Visiting Sao paulo

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  1. FunGuyUS

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    I will be in SP for two weeks and would love to find some one to show me around for a day or two. Have no idea how to go about this. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. azdr0710

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    if you can stomach the unfortunate website name, the forum at boytoy has an active discussion of S. American/Brazilian concerns.....lots of knowledgeable posters over there.....join for free/anonymously and look around the Latin (I think it's called) subforum and/or post questions
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    FunGuyUS, I highly, highly recommend Danilo, a professional gay guide who first assisted me when he was 18 years of age. Now he's professionally engaged in the tourist industry and also has his own business which is related to exercise. Last summer two friends of mine used his stellar services and were quite impressed.

    Send me a pvt., and within a few days I can forward his contact information. Danilo is a perfect man of his early 20s to fulfill what you request.