Warning: There be Trolls here!

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Guy Fawkes, Jan 8, 2004.

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    Trolls have been a "Feature" of the Internet long before most of you have been around. If you would like a historical prospective, check out the anti-troll FAQ:


    Here are some helpful tips for dealing with Trolls:
    • Don't Feed the Trolls....They only eat humans, especially young humans. Offering them food will usually result in loss of fingers, hands, arms, and sometimes heads.

    • Don't Wake the Trolls...They are vane about their names. Mention their name and they will wake up. Trolls are grumpy when awaken, and usually hungry...See the first rule.

    • Don't Play with the Trolls...Remember how Cats play with mice? That's how Trolls play with humans, and remember what happens to the mouse once play time is over!

    • Don't Teach a Troll...They are very set in their ways, They get very angry very fast. When they get angry they play. See previous rule.

    • Don't Argue with a Troll...They are very set in their ways, They get very angry very fast. When they get angry they play. See previous rule.

    If a Troll shows up, the safest course of action is to ignore the Troll. Slip away slowly and very quietly, What ever you do don't attract their attention.
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    This is a great post but I hate to see it hidden here. Have you considered putting at the top of the Lounge? I think it need wider distribution.
  3. Trixie

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    I always keep my big wooden club right next to the webtv console!
    La trollette, Trixie
  4. Justice

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    Great post, Daddy. I not only laughed outload, but I recognized a more than a few "trolls" from their descriptions. On a similar view, here's a link to a site about some the people who populate internet message boards: http://www.winternet.com/~mikelr/flame1.html (I can't take any credit, a friend sent me the link.)


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  5. raife

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    Hi Daddy,

    Is there any technical facility in this DCForum+ software for the lowly unsuspecting user to do a little plonk with a bozo filter and ignore said trolls? Their endless piteous screeching, moaning and yowling can grate one's remaining nerve and make this a somewhat less pleasurable oasis of sanity to loll and linger.

    -R :)
  6. Guy Fawkes

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    No, but what a cool idea...I'll put it on the wish list at the author's site.
  7. tedbear

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    Don't Argue with a Troll[/b]...They are very set in
    >their ways, They get very angry very fast. When they get
    >angry they play. on.

    I once hung around a forum for Macintosh users which had more than it's share of trolls. We found arguing or even replying to them only made them worse. Someone finally suggested we just change the subject. So, it was announced that whenever someone began flaming, someone should just begin discussing pizza.

    It was incredibly effective, however it confused the holy heck out of anyone who was in on the joke. ;-)
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  8. zeferrelli

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    great idea tedbear!
  9. uhh..that post was from, like, 4 years ago man...

    But I like black olives and fresh tomatoes on thin crust....
  10. seaboy4hire

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    I like all meat pizza, extra cheese Chicago style. Mmmm Chicago style pizza! One more month to go!

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    Of tangential interest....?


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    Thanks for the reminder.
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  14. Andrew

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    What is a troll? Am I one? Great warning, but who is a troll? I don't get mad fast, or slow.
  15. Smurof

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    If you don't live under a bridge and make it difficult to accept bribes, you're probably not a troll. Me? Just a mildly witty over-frequent commenter, not a troll.