Well hung in LA/NY?

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by RubMyThighs, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. RubMyThighs

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    Sometimes you want a good, strong massage by a skilled man who also happens to have a big cock that will swing around while he rubs you, that you can touch and play with and suck on along the way, right? I certainly do. Curious who you'd single out from the crowd. Thanks in advance.
  2. frame123

    frame123 Apprentice

    In NYC, definitely Eli. Huge cock and great massage!
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  3. tennisjock

    tennisjock Viscount

    Oh my yes. If he were in Southern California I would see him a few times a week. Great guy, with fun smart personality and his playful manner
  4. ketut

    ketut Novice

    agree with frame123 eli in NYC great massage nice guy very nice equipment
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  5. jojo

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    I could not find the thread but I believe people have given negative comments about Thanos----now Zayne. If I am wrong, I offer apology.
  6. No you're right. I saw those too. And it's weird he deleted his old profile a name. That is not good. But I can only speak about my experience with him... massage was very good, he's a dirty talker and very sexual. And has freaking 10 inch cock!!!
  7. tennisjock

    tennisjock Viscount

    Correct. Each name he changes to gets similar neg remarks so be cautious
  8. I'd go with Parker anywys. Such a nice guy. HUGE cock. And the massage is AMAZING
  9. Mark S

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    I'll bite--can someone post a link to the legendary Eli in NYC?
  10. tdork

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  11. Terpmaniac

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    Thanos was on rentmen.com. I like his profile pics. He is in California, me in Maryland so I had no intention of hiring him but I like his profile page. The son of a bitch blocked me! Yes, I was blocked for "looking" at his fucking webpage. Tells me all I need to know about the kind of person he is.
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  12. tennisjock

    tennisjock Viscount

    Be grateful you weren't actually in a session with him
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  13. Funguy

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    As noted in many threads, he is the strangest (read - creepiest) guy I've EVER run across. That being said, he has one BIG dick, but not in a million years would i repeat!
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  14. jodo

    jodo Apprentice

    Every time I tried to get in contact with him the line wouldn't pick up. I have to admit i'm still curious about the type of experience it'd be.
  15. guy69er

    guy69er Apprentice

    Can vouch for Parker and Rob as well. Both deliver in the meat department and are sexy and give a good massage.

    I'm heading to NY soon and will see if I can connect with Eli. Any other must-see masculine masseurs who are really packing and appreciate clients who appreciate what they have to offer?
  16. Westsideguy

    Westsideguy Master

    Agree with tennisjock. Not in a million years.
  17. Zman

    Zman Viscount

    Do you think Rob is open minded when it comes to a client's body type? He starts his ad: "Hey Athletic Guys". I wonder if he is discouraging us "non-Athletic" types from applying. [​IMG]
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  18. SelfIndulgent

    SelfIndulgent Apprentice

    Was JUST wondering the same thing!!!
  19. BritSD

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    You can't get much better than Parker.