Well that didn't take long - Trump to get another Supreme Court Justice

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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/201...ts-supreme-court-resignation-this-summer.html

    Rumor is Kennedy will step down this summer and with the nuclear option all set in place, permanently altering the make-up of the Court for the remainder of my lifetime. Justice Pryor? Who knows, they can have anyone they want. Doesn't really matter. Won't be another favorable ruling on anything I care about ever again and likely undo everything I do care about. Do not fool yourself in thinking anything is settled law or untouuchable! :(
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    From the article...
    So does your posting this indicate you are trying on the Full Armageddon Meltdown for size?

    I mean why wait, we knew the court would "lurch" right with a Republican president.

    Meanwhile the post-mortem continues of Why Hillary Lost...
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