What a beautiful landscape!

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  1. What a beautiful landscape!

  2. Britain, along the Severn? Worcester, perhaps?
  3. Truereview

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    This is an other-worldly landscape...two moons....
  4. Charlie

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    It looks like Durham Cathedral to me.
  5. Right you are. Did you google the image?
  6. Charlie

    Charlie Peer

    No, but I have been to Durham at that time of year, though I have never seen it from that angle.
  7. Unicorn

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    Thanks for identifying the location. I thought it looked like Yale...
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  8. beethoven

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    You DO realize, don't you that the two guys in the first photo are William and Harry?
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  9. LOL, a picture like this?


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  10. Axiom2001

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    ...like "ALL" of them and would start with the two British brothers! :p :rolleyes::rolleyes: :p
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