What's a good Spanish speaking country for rent boys?

Discussion in 'Escorts South of the USA' started by joselowe, Jan 26, 2016.

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    If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. :p
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    I wish I had known of this, and known who I was before I visited BsAs.
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    Who says you can't go back & make up for time lost? I'm beginning to think we need a daddy group tour adventure to South America! I nominate Flávio to lead it!
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    And it is a wonderful country--safe, clean, educated, prosperous, civilized, friendly and ecologically responsible to a fault. The best parts are well outside of San Jose--the beaches and the national parks, more sloths and monkeys than rentboys, but really worth seeing.
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    Colombia. I went there for 3 weeks this past January and I had some great experiences... Probably the best I've encountered and for a very reasonable price.
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    .Care to write a report and post it here for others to read and enjoy and perhaps use when in the country of Colombia and some of its cities/towns.!! :) :)
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    What is "Hornet?"
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    It's not wrong. But 9 times out of 10, you hear that the Latin American escorts are tops. Who knows if he would let you drill him?

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    Jman, Hornet is another gay sex application.
    You can download and try.
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    I am in Argentina right now, although not in Buenos Aires, and researched a little bit the market here. Check www.soytuyo.com and www.revistaratones.com. Check the local Internet forum with escorts reviews: http://www.escortsxp.com/foro/escorts-masculinos/ (do not expect something as resourceful as daddy's). There is a diverse offer of tops, bottoms, and vers. The prices I've serren so far are in between 50 and 60 bucks per hour. I guess some of the guys may charge 100, but I did not find one so far. If you are willing to take the risk of cruising the streets or the porn movie theaters, of course the rates are even lower.

    However, I am pretty sure they would overcharge you if they know you are an American visitor. I have the advantage of being originally from here, so they cannot figure it out I am actually a visitor.

    Right now, I am not hiring but working and visiting family in the country side. I will be in Buenos Aires the last days of July/first days of August. I expect to be pretty busy meeting friends and having sex for free, but of course if I have time I will take advantage of the prime merchandise on bargain prices and will report here.
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    I heard Argentina has beautiful men!
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    Hell, yeah!
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    Hell, yes, Argentina has some very gorgeous men. I've been to Buenos Aires over five times since 2005 and have had some
    very good times with the escorts and at very reasonable fees. Since I do not speak Espanol, the requested fee was slightly
    higher than what I'd give if I had been a local porteno, but the fees were far less than those asked for in the US or in Europe!!!!
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    Hey which clubs did you go to in Costa Rica that had nude dancers?