What's a good Spanish speaking country for rent boys?

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    It's normal in good hotels in Latin America and Africa for any visitor to a room to first register their ID with the front desk. There have been many cases over the years of crime in hotel rooms (robberies, assaults, druggings aka Goodnight Cinderella, etc) so the Security men outside or in the lobby will take note of any visitor trying to get to a room without going to the front desk to register.

    Of course, this precaution also prevents you unwittingly committing a crime. The hotel staff in registering the ID will see the date of birth of the visitor. One early evening in Buenos Aires, the young friend of a local acquaintance came by to visit me unexpectedly. The young man was quite preppy in appearance and upbringing; it didn't hurt that he was tall, well-built and played a lot of sports; and I suggested we chat over a drink in the bar. He made his interest in me quite plain, and he offered to join me for dinner and stay the night. After he told me he was almost 20, I excused myself and spoke to the front desk (they knew I'm gay): they'd seen his ID before allowing him upto my room...and noted he would be 17 in a m0nth's time! It was lucky for me that I have no interest in under-age guys, and I certainly would not break the law in Argentina.

    If you don't want the front desk staff to know your business, and you want to spend some private time with another man or an escort, the solution is simple. You rent a room by the hour in a 'love-hotel' or 'telo' as they are known in Argentina; you pay upfront but you don't give any names; and these places do not discriminate against same-sex couples.
  2. The official name of "telos" is "albergue transitorio", just in case you are in Buenos Aires researching the market.
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    Quite a few years ago there was a case of a United flight attendant staying at the crew hotel in Rio. He supposedly had a garoto de programa visit him at the hotel. The flight attendant was subsequently brutally murdered. These ugly things can and do happen unfortunately. The more security the better.
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    Good to know. I'll be there later this month. :)
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    ..it's a little late, but I thought that deserved a lol!
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