What's Nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by geminibear, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. geminibear

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  2. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    Trek! Hardcore SF.

    Star Wars = space opera.
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  3. Zman

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    No video or link showed up for me....
  4. sync

    sync Count

    I would say Star Trek is the nerdier, which is the one I prefer. While I'm about it, Kirk and Picard were the popular Star Trek captains, but in my judgement, the best captain was Janeway.
  5. Zman

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    The links work.....[​IMG]
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  6. bigvalboy

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    Star Wars = Nerd

    Trek had the hottest men.
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  7. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    I would edit slightly...Star Wars = Dork o_O

    Agree about the Trek men!
  8. tyro

    tyro Salty Broad

    Voyager also had a great opening theme.
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  9. When I was a kid I felt irresistibly attracted to Kirk. I was so horny without knowing it. I would get hard ones all the time watching him, the guys in the Time Tunnel, and the movies about Ancient Rome coming from Italy.

    Sorry, returning to the thread topic, I think Trekkers are nerders beyond any question. Live long and prosper.
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  10. Topseed

    Topseed Knight

    What's nerdier? Asking this question. (just kidding, folks...)
  11. sync

    sync Count

    Transporter room! Beam Topseed directly to the brig!
  12. WmClarke

    WmClarke Count

    Trek is far nerdier. Too many series and movies to see them all.

    I prefer original and new Star Wars (the prequels are an abomination).
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  13. Actually DR. WHO is the nerdiest of them all --
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  14. AdamSmith

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  15. Hitchhiker's Guide, anyone?
  16. mike carey

    mike carey Duke


    I was going to say Blakes Seven earlier, but it doesn't have a cult following. Servalan was a great character.
  17. Yes, it does. But it's a smaller cult.
  18. mike carey

    mike carey Duke

    I suspect you are correct. Servelan was a great dominant female character. I remain of the view that Blakes 7 was some of the best scifi on television.
  19. sincitymix

    sincitymix Count

    i like both star trek and star wars.. but i prefer Babylon 5 above them both :p though star trek enterprise did like to put tripp stripped down into super tight underwear getting a decontamination rub down :D
  20. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    From the Vulcan chick no less! Who was irritated with herself for getting turned on by it. :p

    T'Pol was by far my favorite character on that show. The rest of them were kind of whiny and annoying.
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