What's Nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek?

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  1. Absolutely. She would even awake my straight gen.
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  2. She is sexier as a Vulcan.
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    And as you note, much more so in character than as pictured above.
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    Seven-of-Nine was a favorite of mine.
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    Trek's long history makes it nerdier. The original series practically invented the nerd class.

    My favorite is Deep Space Nine. It had the best (IMO) and most consistent and fully-realized overall series plot arc, which is important to me. I also liked Sisko as the best "captain" though he was a Lieutenant Commander for most of the series. Through binge watching I developed an appreciation for how he was scripted as a leader who was a father, and who had less military detachment from the people in his command. Through character definition and/or Avery Brooks' contribution to the role Sisko came across as a sensitive man.

    I've always had a huge crush on Michael Dorn, going back to his days on CHiPs. I loved every Next Generation and DS9 plot that took him out of his padded uniforms and Klingon makeup.

    I've been cherry-picking Voyager episodes off Netflix while I recuperate. This series is very uneven and gets a bad rap, but some of the episodes are real jewels.

    Enterprise had the best male eye candy as a few have noted. There was a core creative team that survived from TNG to DS9 to Voyager. The themes and tone they had created became predictable and dated by the time they brought out Enterprise, and their audience was aging out. Younger audiences would crave the more conflicted, dark, flawed characters that Cattlecar:Galactica would eventually popularize. Still, if Enterprise had gone with DS9 or Voyager caliber theme music instead of that horrible "Faith of the Heart" song the show might have lasted through another season of shirtless Bakula, Conner Trinneer, and occasionally Anthony Montgomery.

    I could never derive such a synopsis from the Star Wars movies. I think that this proves Star Trek is nerdier on so many levels.


  6. On Wil Wheaton's blog, he said he appreciated the "Faith of the Heart" theme song, because it replaced Wesley Crusher as the most reviled thing in the Trek universe.
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    Extraordinarily accurate insights. Thx for bringing light to darkness.

    Most especially your notes on the underappreciated, masterfully crafted, uncharacteristically under-written DS9.
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  9. I enjoyed the last season of "Enterprise". I think they'd already been cancelled by that point, or at least saw the writing on the walls, but had some good several-part episodes. The "Vulcan's Forge" bit (which explained to me why the Vulcans were such uncharacteristic dicks through most of the series), and the story about mixing the genetics of the WWIII supermen with the Klingons (which also explained the Klingon makeup discrepancies between TOS and the subsequent series). Then one of the most horrible series finales imaginable...
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    +1 :p
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  11. the first star trek woody, to the best of my knowledge
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    connor trinneer nummy nummy.
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  13. What's Nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Nothing's nerdier than discussing EITHER.

  14. Oh, wait. I'm wrong.

    Discussing BOTH is nerdier. :)
  15. That was not the question, sir.

    Wait... THAT was even nerdier.
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