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    I know this is a question that has as many answers as readers, but I'll give it a try anyway:

    Where in Europe do you guys believe one can find a good and extensive selection of escorts? Have you noticed any trends? I know UK has a broad selection, but are there any other countries/cities you would suggest?

    Zurich seems to have a wide selection on and off. Years ago Prague was my favorite city, but it seems to have lost some of its glory days. Same with Budapest.

    I'm keen on Moscow, but most of the ads on Rentmen makes me skeptical about its authenticity.

    Myself, I usually look for tall, athletic, eastern European-type of guys. If they are uncut it's even better.

    Few of the escorts I've been with over the past, and enjoyed:

    https://www.sleepyboy.com/uk/london/escort/Blackberry99 (massage only)
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    I agree about KinkyBoys. Definitely worth the investment
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    BelamiStyle - looks just perfect for me / his penis is beautiful, do you know if he's still working.

    I have to admit I watch certain guys on Planet Romeo and see if they are working in different Cities / or ask them where they will be travelling too.
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    I think BelamiStyle is still in business. Met him a couple of years ago. Se he is active on Rentmen.