why did you start being an escort

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    Truth is I was young and dumb. But I did enjoy it :)
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    I started doing it for the money. I was sixteen, living alone in London and struggled to pay the bills with only my salary. I have continued to escort because I enjoy it. It has actually resulted in a fulfilling sex life.
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    I moved to LA at 20 ran out of my little savings I had and had a crazy sexual reawakening and that led to being propositioned by a guy one day who said I could have guys "take care of me" because I have a thick dick the rest is a history. I enjoy the flexibility I can set my own hours, being my own boss and actually connecting with people, it's pretty fun even amidst the crazy aspects of the biz
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    It's interesting seeing this thread from 8+ years resurrected, and seeing the responses from guys who had been frequent contributors at the time. Also great to see the new guys here chiming in.

    As for me, the idea of escorting had first come to mind in my first year of college when I’d read an article in the SF Weekly titled “It’s a Living: True stories from the working lives of ‘middle class’ prostitutes.” The story made the whole thing sound intriguing, but also something I could relate to. The guys interviewed in the story sounded intelligent and thoughtful, and instead of sounding seamy or threatening the idea sounded reasonable.

    As I began to run through the last of my student loan money in the last year of college, I thought back to that SF Weekly article decided to take the plunge and place an “erotic masseur” ad in the Bay Area Reporter. With those first appointments money was a big motivation, and I have to admit I loved the feeling of depositing cash into the ATM rather than pulling it out all the time. It was great to be able to pay my bills without having to contemplate more loans, let alone having to hit up my parents. But I found I also really liked the encounters themselves, and enjoyed meeting the different guys. After a few appointments I abandoned the erotic masseur role in favor of going straight-up escort, since what I really liked was the full-on escort experience and all that entailed.

    College is far behind me now, but I kept up escorting when I could balance it with my day jobs. While the extra cash was always helpful, I also really truly enjoyed the encounters themselves - meeting interesting guys and the fun that would come with it.
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    I couldnt wake up and decide I wanted to be an escort. I just dont have the "goods". It requires alot of self-assessment, tough skin and an open mind. I would be curious on the statistics
    of how many guys enter the field and FAIL ? And of course all this is based on DEMAND. Without IT, even the best escort can go hungry.
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    I was pretty young and on my own for a bit so I needed to make some money. It's funny I never thought in a million years I would be an escort or that guys would even find me attractive. The reason was because I was an ugly duckling and bullied in my preteen/early teenage year for my looks. But come 16 years old, everything changed. It's funny what contacts and a new haircut and clothes would do. :oops::eek::p:)

    I mean your only young once, might as well use it to your advantage :p
    Plus I naturally like older guys so I thought why not, I get sex plus money, I mean two of the best things in the world (besides food hehe) ;)
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    For me, it is just as simple as it is something I am good at and like. The sexual talent came first, then I built the body around it to suit the clients I want to attract. I see my self as a specialist in this particular field.
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    I consider escorting "on the job training " for my future professional life in the mental health field.

    I get to meet men who are more often than not my type (e.g. significantly older, heavy set, grey, etc), and I get paid for my time. Pretty lucky position that I'm in...
    (Believe me, I do not take this for granted)

    Finally, I am able to (hopefully) help clients make better lifestyle choices when it comes to health, fitness, and charitable giving. Men who hire are more likely to have the extra resources to give to charitable efforts, and so by instilling my clients with some ideas about effective charities to donate to, I am able to expand the overall "good" that I can do in the world, beyond what I contribute individually as a portion of my donations from clients.
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    Excellent answer!

    Perhaps you could make your way from the barren, frozen tundra of Michigan to the balmy, tropical Shangri-La of Georgia for some field research. :rolleyes:
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  12. Responses I've gotten:

    "Free time".
    "Paying for college".
    "I just kept wondering why not doing it".
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    I was initially curious about sex work in more of an academic and advocacy perspective. I had read a lot and having a psychology background I was particularly interested in learning more about both the external and internal stigma sex workers experience. After assisting a colleague in some of his sex work research at the research center I work for, I decided to try it out (after a few months of my own informal research). I used to do counseling work and am trained in a few intervention/counseling methods from working within the public health sector. Now I'm more focusing on sexual health research (which is what I currently do for my full-time job). I found that those previous experiences were not only helpful in how I approached the work, but also satisfied an itch that I forgot was still there. There's a special dynamic that was both familiar and incredibly new and exciting when I started. Something that's unique to these types of encounters.

    I probably don't need to do this, but I enjoy it. The extra money is great, but more than that it's an adventure. I go a few weeks, and more recently a whole month, without doing it. Whenever I do return to it after a break, there's always a little bit of anxiety that I get – a good kind though – like when you start a new job, or move into a new place. If that excitement starts to dwindle, I’ll stop for a period of time. When I start again, like seeing a new client for the first time after a long break, it’s like the first time - it's quite thrilling, really. Overall, it’s just incredibly interesting, exciting and often more intimate about the experience beyond just sex - something you don't get with your average hook-up.
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    A great description. Mirrors very much how I as a client experience it likewise.
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    I'm glad we brought this thread back to life. I'll read through the back posts out of curiosity. But I'm loving many of the new answers so far. It's nice to hear from escorts that they do it because they choose to and like the work. In my experience, escorts like that provide the best experience for the client.
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    It goes hand in hand as to why we hire
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    GREAT thread...I was hoping that I had replied to it originally. When I found my post, I found myself nodding in agreement with the last line. (and THAT was more than a few years ago!).
    I'm comfortable in my skin...I know where I fit in & I LOVE what I do!!!!

    Still in the game & loving it!
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    I thought about it a good year before starting.
    Previously I was teaching and doing research in oncology/HIV/Hep C...
    I was also doing masters work and pursuing several master's degrees~
    I just didn't feel that I was using all of my knowledge and skills teaching, doing research and whatever...
    So, I thought long and hard about what profession I could pursue that would allow me to utilize all of my skills and knowledge~
    The answer: Geisha~
    So, I researched Geisha history~
    The original Geisha in the Edu period were male. It's interesting history...
    I decided that my entire life, I have been a Male Geisha and that I needed to accept that completely and nurture that not just nurture the parts of being a Geisha~
    So, this is now my Life, my identity and my being as well as my profession~ Not just a way of life but my LIFE completely~ It's who I am not what I am~
    I am a Male Geisha Escort Companion Intimate~
    There is nothing more nor less of my Life~
    Geisha is a completely it~
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    And there is no finer Geisha.
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    Eitaro - possibly the last remaining, formally trained, male Geisha in Japan.