why did you start being an escort

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  1. In the end, it was the 401(k) match that got me.

    Kevin Slater
  2. And at least one of those Master Degrees is in Kink! Grrrrrrrrrr
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  3. Rod Hagen

    Rod Hagen Count

    In 2006 The Advocate magazine asked me to discuss this topic, here it is. It seems archaic and pretentious to me now.


    At your service

    compelled this L.A. resident to experiment with a new
    persona: Rod Hagen, male escort. His first
    client’s heartfelt gratitude led him to the
    conclusion that Rod was here to stay.

    JULY 17 2006 12:00 AM EDT

    If you want to
    find me—or some other happy
    hooker—you’ll have better luck pounding
    the keyboard than the pavement. Prostitution now booms over
    the Internet for the simple reason that it is needed.
    As Gore Vidal wrote in 1966, “If most men and
    women were forced to rely upon physical charm to
    attract lovers, their sexual lives would be not only meager
    but in a youth-worshipping country like America
    painfully brief.” Add to that group men in
    Brokeback marriages,” diffident
    virgins, and all those requiring discretion, and you
    have a community of men with two options: keep it in
    their pants or use the power of their wallets.

    I didn’t
    enter prostitution on such noble pretenses; nobody does.
    These reflections came later. In the beginning there
    was only curiosity.

    Several years ago
    (never mind how many) on a red-eye from LAX to JFK, I
    read one of the numerous how-to books on prostitution, only
    because some genius had slapped a half-naked man on
    the cover. By the last chapter I thought, This
    actually sounds fun.
    When I returned home to Los
    Angeles, curiosity compelled me to create my working name,
    Rod Hagen, and father a Web site. Curiosity then led
    me to ring the doorbell of my first client.

    Forty-five and
    living alone, he was just back from a weeklong gay cruise,
    during which—to his by-now raging
    disenchantment—none of the 1,000 bronzed bucks
    had volunteered to rub oil on his less-than-perfect bod. He
    told me he’d never been with an escort before
    (insecure myself, I kept my professional cherry a
    secret). Two cathartic hours later I accepted his
    money and thanked him. It was only in the car that I
    realized I’d just committed Rod Hagen to
    something more than a one-shot test run. At home was
    an embarrassingly grateful e-mail. I hadn’t imagined
    how much better a little attention would make him

    Every hookup
    since then has distilled the essence of that first time, as
    in an Updike short story where nothing much happens yet by
    the end everything is changed.

    My testimony from
    the trenches won’t change everyone’s
    preconceptions about prostitution. But if I’ve
    portrayed myself as happy, generous, healthy, and
    reasoned, then I’ve succeeded in giving readers
    grounds to reconsider.
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    Rod, you've portrayed the sweet side of you profession perfectly. I only hope that others will sign up to meet you.
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