"Will and Grace" is back

Discussion in 'Television' started by deej, Jan 18, 2017.

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    Well that episode with the really short guy made me think Will was a bottom. That short dude was super aggressive.
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    Every time I read a gushing comment, I think to myself really??? I find the quality to be roughly equal to the last few seasons of the original, when everyone thought the show was tired and past its prime. Yes, there have been some great moments here and there, but I think people are letting nostalgia and the admittedly-still-amazing chemistry color their impressions with rose-colored glasses. I’m still watching, but then again I’m the one who holds on to the past as long as possible, & I don’t have premium channels or netflix/amazon etc. from which to find new programs to watch. But I’m glad everyone else is enjoying it so much. As for returning guest stars, if they manage to bring back Karen’s mom I’ll be impressed.
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    It's a bit old fashioned and repetitious, but they try to make it relevant with references to current pop culture. The chemistry is what makes the show, not new earth shattering ideas.....
  4. The show works for the audience for one major reason and it's not the script...

    W&G is like that old pair of well-worn, comfortable leather loafers you stuck in the back of your closet and didn't wear for 5 years. One day, you actually decide to vacuum the ENTIRE room (including the damned closet) and you stumble upon them again. You slip them on and they feel like you've rediscovered an old friend you haven't seen in ages.

    That is the allure of W&G. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia.
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    I'd have been more interested in seeing Chris Potter & Tom Verica than Cannavale & Connick if they were going to bring back W&G's former love interests.
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    Grace’s Mom was Debbie Reynolds. Who played Karen’s?

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    The late Suzanne Pleshette.
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    It's nice to see the old gang back, and occasionally the script and the performances coerce a smile. But I gotta say, it's mostly a comedy dud for me.
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    They seem to be retconning Will and Grace's ages...Will started to say they were "pushing 50" and Grace acted in denial about that, but they've both got to be over 50 now from the timeline of the show. Jack was born in 1969.
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    Thank you for getting rid of any temptation to start watching the re-boot. W&G used to be one of my favorite shows. A friend of mine and I were die-hard Karen Walker fans. We'd talk about the show every week and bust a gut rehashing all the hilarious lines Karen had on the last episode. But then Will & Grace got more and more annoying, to the point that I stopped watching the show entirely. I suspected the re-boot would be tired & awful, even though their 10-minute election special was pretty damn funny. I'm glad to know I'm not missing anything.
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    You are still missing some great Karen Walker lines, but yes Will and Grace are even more annoying, particularly the last episode where they both say the same things at the same time, an affectation which is supposed to be hilarious but just wants to make you smack them. Will is unbearably smug and Debra Messing mugs and hams and tries desperately hard to recreate the same four facial expressions she used to do back in the day before botox made the attempts futile. Despite that, I love Karen and Jack, and Megan Mulally always manages to time things amazingly.......