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    Brilliant and incredibly successful like Bernie Madoff??
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Nope. Brilliant and incredibly successful like Donald J. Trump.
    A man who took a one million dollar loan from his father and built a 10 billion dollar worldwide real estate and entertainment empire. That is how brilliant and incredibly successful he is. A man who, against all odds, beat 15 others, including sitting Governors and Senators, AND the GOP establishment to win the Republican nomination for President. That is how brilliant and incredibly successful he is. A man who, against all odds, defeated a better financed opponent who had the backing of the biased print and broadcast media AND the Hollywood elititists. That is how brilliant and incredibly successful he is. A man who in less than a fortnight, you and the rest of the world will be calling Mr. President. That is how brilliant and incredibly successful he is.

    America Will Be Great Again
    13 days to go

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    And you'll be calling Mike Pence YOUR new Vice President. Don't think you want to hear the names he would call you or any of us on this message forum.
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    Good boy Bozo!
    Have some nice Trump water
  5. Trump is so brilliant and successful that US banks refuse to lend to him because he stiffed them. But it's not just banker fat cats he's fleeced, but everyday Americans lured by his fame into sinking money into worthless courses or doing business with him without getting paid up front.

    Putting America first? No, exploiting America is a more accurate description.
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    Yup. There's a suit pending against him in FL where he stiffed the owner of a paint supplier who provided paint to one of Trumps subcontractors. Someone in the Trump organization decided not to pay him.

    That case will still be pending the day he takes the oath of office.
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    To Hell with Trump, Diamond and Silk.. "I" will make America GREAT Again!

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  8. CNN reports that last Friday's intelligence briefing on Russian actions to influence the election included a two-page summary regarding alleged Russian efforts to compromise him.

    Buzzfeed subsequently made the memos from which the summary was derived, which have in the meantime been widely circulated among the American intelligence community, Congress, and journalists, publicly available. (article) (memos)

    I hasten to add, before anyone starts squawking about it, that the memos were prepared by a former British intelligence officer whose firm was hired to perform opposition research on Trump by groups and individuals supporting Republican opponents and, later, Hillary Clinton. The allegations contained in them have not been independently verified and most likely cannot be, as none of the sources are identified.

    Nevertheless, it's pretty explosive stuff that I will let you read and judge for yourselves.
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    We're used to Trump's truths changing as the sun strikes him from different angles. Certainly if it were his intention to fund the wall with taxpayer money, and if "Mexico is going to pay for it" really meant that the cost of the wall would be more than offset by substantial business and economic benefit he would have said so during his many campaign rants. The wall and the rhetoric around who was going to pay for it was a populist rant. Now that he's forced to give an explanation he's singing a new tune. Trump's most faithful will believe anything he says. The rest realize that there's nothing to do but wait for today's batch of new truths.

    Let's hope that his presidential success doesn't mirror the "success" of one of his failed businesses and bankruptcies, where he was able to walk away with personal gain while the burden of the losses went to the country and the creditors. Trump is certainly very successful. He has done very well - for himself.
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    He can't tweet this one away...

    [​IMG] Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump
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    He's installing coal-fueled furnaces in all Trump properties.
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Another "leak" by anti-Trump adversaries to sabotage his presidency. These losers need to get over it.

    Journalists used to have integrity. They used to meet in secret places with sources and ask questions in many different ways to slowly piece together a politically motivated story. Now, the Obama intelligence agencies just fax their theories over to CNN. And speaking of these inappropriately named agencies, reasonable people pay NO attention to ANYTHING these incompetent intelligence agencies say. They are NEVER right. They hide behind their classified curtain so no one can contest their false claims. Remember: "ISIS no problem," or how about "Iraq's imaginary weapons of mass destruction."? We need to eliminate these money munching guys who produce nothing of value.

    On day one of his administration, President Trump needs to replace the entire staffs at FBI, DHS, CIA, and INS and put new "trusted", and more importantly, "competent" personnel in their place.

    These organizations failed to protect Americans in EVERY terrorist killing on our soil during Obama's 8-year reign despite prior contact with all of them.

    America Will Be Great Again
    10 days to go

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    When he starts TWEETING IN ALL CAPS it suggests he knows this is serious. Tomorrow's presser should be interesting, unless he cancels again.
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    "It's 1974 all over again"
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    His news conference tomorrow/ummm I mean today, is going to be very interesting.
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    Actually, Ginger Rogers didn't originate that quote. It was about her not by her. I think it was the female Governor of Texas who came up with it but could be wrong.

    As for Kellyanne Conway...shit, I just went blank. Can't think of one good thing to say about her so won't say anything.
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    It certainly sounds like an Ann Richards quote!
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    She is very good at presenting fake answers with a pleasant smile on her face.
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    A great line (even if, truth be told, Astaire was the far greater talent). Had to look up the source.

    The story is that Robert Thaves (1924 – 2006), creator of the comic strip, Frank and Ernest, originated the line for his strip in 1982, writing it this way: "Sure he was great, but don't forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did, backwards … and in high heels." Ann Richards paraphrased (and popularized) the line in her 1988 speech at the Democratic National Convention, saying, "After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels."
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    Kellyanne's work can't be easy. Maybe she plays Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man" repeatedly each day to prep herself.
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